Order Fresh Seafood Online in Oakland, CA

Oakland is a city in flux. One of the most culturally-diverse communities in America, and also one of the most gentrified, The Town is at a complicated crossroads between welcoming new growth and celebrating our historical foundations. From chefs in the revived Old Oakland Swan’s Market and taco masters south of Fruitvale to thrill seekers at the sideshows, you’ll find all kinds in today’s “secret sauce.”

Although the old vs. new Oakland debate is passionate, citizens try their best to welcome the good that both sides have to offer. Daily Fresh Fish’s original home base at Jack London Square gave us a front-row seat to Oakland’s seaport history and shining new growth. We also relished adding our seafood expertise to the delicious mix that is Oakland’s food culture. You’ll find diners of all kinds enjoying pho on International on any given night, and taco fiends flock from all over to savor the goods after mass at St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church or to try modern Mexican fare made by Dominica Rice-Cisneros.

Even though we’ve moved two cities over, we at Daily Fresh Fish still value our Oakland heritage and The Town’s desire for authenticity, quality, and uniqueness—so we’ve created a seafood delivery service that brings you the freshest and highest quality fish. All of our seafood is sustainably sourced and hand-selected, and is maintained at the optimum temperature right up until you put it in your refrigerator. Let fresh and delicious seafood be one more thing you cherish about The Town we call home.

Photo by George Kelly, Flickr CC