Scampi Garlic Culinary Butter 7-oz.


Whipped butter, intesified with fresh herbs and spices, open up many creative possibilities. Top off grilled fish, spread on toasted baguettes, or create unique sauces.

Packed into 7-oz logs, with measuring lines for easy portioning.
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All natural. Non-GMO. No preservatives. Gluten-Free.
Made with milk from cows not treated with rBST.


Scampi Butter

Scampi Butter can be used:
- To top fish during grilling
- Garlic Toast - Goes great with Cioppino - Use in place of oil when sauteing
- Tossed with pasta
- Create a unique sauce

Our Scampi Butter goes great with:
- Sauteed Prawns
- Scallops - Cracked Crab
- Mussels
- Linguine and Clams