Pei Mussels


Pei mussels comes in 2 lbs bags (22-25 per lbs)

Prince Edward Island (PEI) are the cleanest mussels available anywhere. After they are harvested, they are washed and gently cleaned to remove biofouling that may be on the shells; rinsed in a flow of cool seawater to flush sand and grit from the flesh.
These PEI mussels are ready for easy entertaining at home -- on the grill, in the steamer, or added to a pot of cooking pasta. Look for our Ditty Bag in your shipping box for recommended cooking time and hints.
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Dense with flavor and nutrition, mussels are an elegant and healthful addition to your menu. Fresh mussels are light, tender with a slight chewiness, finishing with just the barest touch of brine. With a high content of vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, they are an excellent heart-healthy option. Mussels are farmed and wild-caught with ocean-friendly methods, providing a sustainable choice that your diners will gladly make.