Fresh Seafood Delivery in the Bay Area

In many ways, the Bay Area feels like a utopia in the middle of NorCal. We’ve got an unlimited supply of entertainment, adventure, and excellent cuisine. Our sports fans have it made, from the Giants to the Warriors to the 49ers. There’s always a team to root for—or a human rights cause to support outside of San Francisco City Hall. As for nature—a couple of hours either way, and you’ve got access to real wilderness, from Copernicus Peak to Half Moon Bay. If these were the only perks of living in the Bay Area, you’d be set to live here for the rest of your life.

But there’s much more, and we at Daily Fresh Fish know better than anyone just how much, because we’re based in the Bay Area (Hayward, to be exact), and our team lives here as well. In our opinion, the Bay Area is one of the best places for seafood in the world, and that’s just one option. Our area proudly made up 8% of Restaurant magazine’s best restaurants in the world this year alone. Here you can savor cuisines from all corners of the globe in a single day without ever setting foot in a car. Or you can just be satisfied with knowing, for sure, which Mission taqueria really does have the best burrito (we all know it’s La Taquería).

But for us, at the end of the day, seafood is at the heart of our corner of California. We know there are an unlimited amount of options for residents here to buy fresh seafood—in the supermarket, online, or straight off the boat at Pillar Point Harbor. At Daily Fresh Fish, we try to make the decision easy for our neighbors in the Bay Area. These have been our stomping grounds for over 99 years, and we’re dedicated to giving our friends seafood of the finest quality and utmost freshness. We hand-fillet every fish at our headquarters in Hayward and deliver directly to your door. We know you’ll be impressed with our service and standards—they’re what make us the the seafood retailer you want, in a town full of seafood.