Ordering Fresh Seafood Online in Hayward

Whether you’re enjoying an evening in our shiny new downtown, walking daily to the BART station, or raising children on Alice Street, Hayward definitely deserves to be called the Heart of the Bay. The historic Hunt’s Cannery water tower stands guard over a sea of brand new pastel apartment complexes--a contrast that’s as ironic as it is endemic to this unique city.

When you cruise over the San Mateo Bridge and into East Bay, you might not be expecting to find an intriguing divide between homey post-WWII ranch style living to the east and glitzy new growth to the west. But Hayward--a city we at Daily Fresh Fish are proud to call our home base--is an impressive example of an old industrial center becoming relevant in a new age. When the people of Hayward aren’t working to make the city more earthquake-safe, they’re putting in stylish new restaurants on A street. We’re proud to supply seafood to this thriving culinary scene (how great is Acqua E Farina?), and we’re also proud of our involvement with our local community here in Hayward. Our president and CEO, Chris Lam, is on the board of directors of the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, as well as Hayward’s Economic Development Committee, and we give to support all sorts of great causes around town because we know it’s a responsibility to be part of a community.

We also understand our city’s drive for creativity and progress, and we are proud to be part of that by offering a sustainable source of seafood that’s high-quality, fresh, and minimally handled. If you’re interested in having our hand-filleted seafood delivered right to your door, give Daily Fresh Fish a call at our Hayward facility. We aim to be yet another reason that the Heart of the Bay inspires so many.

Photo by Sharon Darlin Hay, Flickr CC