Buy Fresh Seafood Online in San Francisco

For a city that’s obsessed with the future, San Francisco loves to take care of its history. Visitors to The City always love to see the bridge, the island, and the square, but only the locals know to look even closer for sweeter mementos from our varied past. Catching a glimpse of the Janis Joplin tree on a turn around Hippie Hill, climbing the Telegraph Hill stairs to see the parrots, or passing the golden fire hydrant on a taco run through the Mission helps long-time San Franciscans remember their phoenix of a city rising from the 1906 ashes. Locals know that these moments are the ones that last, and make up the stories they’ll pass on. They love what’s here, and celebrate all things local—because they realize SF has some of the best perks of any city in the country.

San Francisco also has a lockdown on some of the best food in the country—especially when our seafood comes in from all over the world through the Bay, and includes beloved West Coast specialties like Dungeness crab. From the fresh, raw oysters and amazing crab salad at Swan Oyster Depot to the excellent cioppino, poke, and sushi found all over the city, you can definitely get your seafood fix here. And, as locals know, San Francisco champions sustainability above almost all else, and has a large population of BRC- and Marine Stewardship Council-certified companies doing their part for the environment—something we definitely find encouraging as a company that relies on the good health of our oceans. In SF, you can indulge your cravings while feeling good about the seafood on your plate.

Buying local and supporting environmentally-friendly business practices are key to the San Francisco experience, and because your online seafood order from Daily Fresh Fish travels fewer miles to get to you, you’re significantly reducing the carbon footprint of your next meal. Connect with us today to learn more about how you can bring high-quality seafood—a piece of the unique spirit of SF—right to your door.

Photo by Ashleigh Nushawg, Flickr CC