Crab Cioppino Kit


Cioppino was first created in the 1800s here in the San Francisco Bay Area by Italian fishermen, who made this rich fish stew from their catch of the day. We have assembled the essential seafood ingredients, sauce and pasta, so you can make a full Crab Cioppino meal at home. Our Cioppino kit contains all the important seafood components to make a festive dish for 4-5 people.

Our Cioppino kit includes:

One 32-ounce container of Homestyle Cioppino Sauce
Two Frozen Dungeness Crabs (1.5-2 lbs. each)
.5 pound of Manila Clams
.5 pound of PEI Mussels

PLUS FREE: Two pounds of Large White Shrimp

Other Online Cioppino Kits are Priced at $129.
Plus, this is the only full-meal Crab Cioppino Kit that is delivered nationwide!
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