Coho Salmon Fillets

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Serving Suggestions — Baked or grilled

Product: Coho Salmon Fillets
Quantity: Two, 6 oz fillets

Coho salmon, mild in flavor delicious flaky flesh is similar to king salmon for it’s one of the healthiest seafood choices. They contain high a content of omega-3 and is very low in fat. Coho Salmon aka Silver salmon is caught in the icy waters of Northern Pacific and then brought to our dock. Coho Salmon is a crowd pleaser, rich in healthy omega-3 fats. Fillets are perfect for quick pan frying or baking with subtle sauces, when prepared for sushi, Coho provides a buttery slice of perfection and the whole salmon is a magnificent centerpiece for any gathering.

Flash-frozen King Salmon is made available when Fresh Wild King Salmon is out of season (November - April).
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Nutrition Facts — High in Omega-3

Coho salmon, is one of the healthiest fish in the world. Its high omega-3 content and migratory behavior make very clean and heart-friendly.


Seared Coho Salmon

Pan searing is a great way to reveal the best of Coho's mild flavor without masking any of the subtle deliciousness. Please be vigilant not to overcook salmon which benefits from being served rare to medium. Pan searing. Since pan searing (with the skin on) gives a great crispy skin, it’s really important to cook the fillet at high heat in a high-smoking point oil. (Peanut oil or grapeseed oil are the two best candidates.) Before cooking, always pat the flesh and skin dry of moisture (with a kitchen towel or paper towel). Be sure to GENEROUSLY season the fish before beginning the pan searing process. Preheat the oiled skillet to the smoking point, then begin cooking the fish skin-side down (to crisp the skin and to use the fat that’s just underneath the skin to insulate the flesh). After you’ve achieved a crispy skin (3 to 5 minutes maximum), then, VERY briefly flip the fish to “kiss” the flesh side of the fillet (cook for 45 seconds to a 1 minute) before serving on a warmed plate. This salmon will make you and your guests very happy.

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