Petrale Sole 1-lb.

Serving Suggestions — Sauteed

Product: Fresh Petrale Sole
Quantity:1 lbs, approximately 3-4 fillets

Petrale Sole may be the most delicate and sumptuous fish of all the Pacific’s bounty. Chefs prize Sole for its mild, buttery, sweet flavor and versatility, and for its ease of filleting. Daily Fresh Fish Petrale Sole comes in fillets that hold together well in a variety of recipes, Petrale is found from Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Canada and Northern Alaska.

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Nutrition Facts — A nutrient powerhouse

Petrale Sole is a firm, mild fish great for pan frying, poaching or baking. Petrale is called a sole but is actually a flounder. It has an excellent source of protein and B vitamins while low in fat and cholesterol, which makes them a good choice for a healthy diet. Fine textured fillets with a sweet, delicately nutty flavor. Pliable fillets lend themselves well to stuffing, although they are somewhat delicate. Delicious simply sautéed in butter with a squeeze of lemon.


Simple Lemon Pepper Sole

Petrale Sole, simply season with salt and pepper, sauté in a little butter or olive oil and add a squeeze of lemon – quick, tender and delicious!

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Petrale Sole

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These were great dipped in egg, then breadcrumbs, and quickly and gently sauteed.

Family loved them!

Salmon Griller - San Francisco, CA
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