Manila Clams

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Product: Manila Clams
Quantity: 2 lbs or 5 lbs (15-20 per lb.)

What is more versatile than Manila Clams? They go great with many dishes, such as pasta dishes, cajun boil, cioppino, soups -- or just simply steamed with garlic and butter! These delectable clams are juicy, plump, have tender meat, and a sweet flavor to them. They are delicious and contain a low-fat source of protein. These little guys are farm-raised and require no additional cleaning, just cook and enjoy the freshness.
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A fun fact about Manila clams originated from Japan originally, these clams are not native to North America. They were accidentally introduced to Washington State, in an oyster seed shipment. These little guys quickly adapted and acclimated our waters and now found in many places other than Japan.

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